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Video Tutorial: New Star Trek Transporter Effect

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Project Files from this tutorial

Download the particleIllusion 3.0 Project Files from the tutorial

(3.6 MB)

Note: When loading these project files into particleIllusion 3.0 (or the trial version) you will probably get a message about missing image files. Just click "yes", then select the missing image file. Be careful to choose the correct file, or you may have problems (especially on the Mac version).


Informational Videos
An Intro to particleIllusion for After Effects (Win) An Intro to particleIllusion for After Effects (Mac)
What is particleIllusion and what can you do with it? A comparison of all of our products
An overview of particleView, our free viewer application    

Demo Reels
2006 Demo Reel 2005 Demo Reel
2004 Demo Reel    

Video Tutorials
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Creating the new Star Trek transport effect in pIllusion 3.0 Changing the text in "logo and text" emitters
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