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Abstract - $39
Logo & Text - $39
Artistic Bkgrnds - $39
Graph. & Distort. - $39
Eclectic 01 - $39
Eclectic 02 - $39
Graphics Elem. 1 - $39
Graphics Elem. 2 - $39
Extreme Graphics - $39
Pyro 1 - $39
Pyro 2 - $39
Hearts - $39
Libs 7-9 - $90
Libs 10-12 - $90
Complete (All 12) - $329
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High-quality emitters
for particleIllusion 3.0

particleIllusion 3.0 is required

12 libraries
30 emitters each

Includes html docs
(catalog, usage notes,
modification tips)

Pro Emitters


wondertouch Professional Emitter Libraries

NEW: Download a sampler library of the Pro Emitters to use in the particleIllusion 3 full and trial versions or particleView:

Download the April 2008 emitter library, which contains emitters based on one emitter from each of the 12 Pro Emitter libraries.

After downloading, unzip into your "Emitter Libraries" folder or anywhere, then use the "Load Library" function in particleIllusion 3 to load it. In particleView, just load the library as usual.

Note that you can also use the "Check for updates" feature of particleIllusion 3.0 (both full and trial versions) to download and install this library automatically.

The Pro Emitters are a collection of 360 particleIllusion 3.0 emitters arranged into 12 themed libraries.

Each of the 12 individual libraries contains 30 emitters that feature sophisticated, complex and ready-to-use particle effects covering popular themes including real-world effects such as explosions, auroras, and breaking glass; motion graphics and artistic backgrounds; text and abstract effects - a range of effects that every particleIllusion 3.0 user will find immediately useful.

For every particleIllusion artist that always wants a larger emitter collection, wants more complex, realistic, or imaginitive emitters, or just wants to have access to unbelievable professionally-designed particle effects, the Pro Emitters are the answer!

A perfect supplement to the free emitters released by wondertouch every month, the Pro Emitters expand your particle emitter collection with cutting-edge particle effects.

The Libraries

Each Pro Emitters library contains 30 emitters. Remember that every emitter in these libraries can be completely customized, and the included documentiation gives simple instructions for creating interesting variations of many of the emitters. So a library of 30 emitters can easily be turned into a library of 60, 90, or more incredible emitters!

** If you are unsure about the usefulness of a specific library, please view the movie for the library, and download the JPG images for it before purchasing.** Jump to the Movies page now


This library includes very creative, organic, and beautiful emitters useful in composing backgrounds and adding graphics elements. Most of these emitters involve flowing, wavy, colorful designs that change over a very long period of time. (Created by Phalkanubba Rath)

Logo and Text

In this library, "logo emitters" - some of the most asked-about emitters available for particleIllusion - feature text or a logo that rotates, streams, converges, etc. Note that changing the text requires simple use of a paint application, as there is no text generator in particleIllusion. (Created by Phalkanubba Rath)

Artistic Backgrounds

This library features a wide variety of animated background emitters, covering a range of styles from slow and subtle to wild and wavy which can be used alone or combined for added variety. (Created by Sasha Milica)

Graphics and Distortions

This library shows off the diversity of effects possibilities using particleIllusion and contains "graphics" elements and amazing examples of "distortions" - effects meant to be used on background footage. (Created by Sasha Milica)

Eclectic 01

This library showcases a fantastic collection of real-world effects: fireballs, explosions, and smokes; "space" effects including wormholes and cosmic phenomena; and a few "graphics arts" style emitters that utilize numbers and simple shapes in very complex ways. (Created by Tom Granberg)

Eclectic 02

This is the second library collection of realistic and useful effects including dirt, falling debris, breaking glass, clouds, auroras, and frosts. (Created by Tom Granberg)

Graphics Elements 1

This library contains motion graphics elements including a wide variety of numbers and counters, plus "data gizmos" -- data spinners and other futuristic visions of data indicators. (Created by Tom Granberg)

Graphics Elements 2

This is the second library collection of graphics elements containing of "energy" emitters, including atomizers, pulsars, and warp drives; "readouts and displays", and a few "texture" emitters to be used as backgrounds. (Created by Tom Granberg)

Extreme Graphics

A collection of various styles of high-energy, "in-your-face" emitters including "nightmare" emitters, various x-ray and fingerprint scanners, and super-charged "letters and text" emitters. (Created by Tom Granberg)

Pyro 1

This library contains all sorts of fire and explosions: quick bursts, blasts of fire, slowly building explosion clouds, compound explosions of various styles, and "Sun Fire" fireballs. Amazing, complex, and very realistic. (Created by Phalkunabba Rath)

Pyro 2

This is the second library collection of pyrotechnic effects, including fire and flames, bursts of fire, blooming clouds of smoke & dust (some with explosion bursts), and some very nice gun muzzle effects. As with "Pyro 1", very complex and realistic. (Created by Phalkunabba Rath)


A collection of abstract, artistic effects based on "hearts" -- perfect for any romantic-themed project. Flowing, organic, colorful, and very stylish, this library is really quite beautiful, and shows more of the techniques that Rath developed in his "Abstract" and "Text & Logo" libraries. (Created by Phalkunabba Rath)

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